Broccoli Au Gratin

Photo 02-06-14 17.57.20 It’s like always be my habit. Saw something, read something, watched something and then I have desire to make that kind dishes or drinks. I saw (but I didn’t taste!) broccoli au gratin dish in hotel breakfast last month. It’s creamy and I like it. Like mac and cheese, This is simple western dish. Moreover, my husband challenged me to make bechamel (white sauce). I thought bechamel will came handy after all. Just make significant quantity and I can use it further in another creamy western dishes. But unfortunately, my prediction was incorrect. I couldn’t make it leftover due to limited amount. But it’s okay. It’s simple and I can make it anytime.

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Chicken Mushroom Asparagus Cream Soup


Again, i found 2 packs of asparagus in my refrigerator. No, sorry I’m about lying. I bought asparagus intentionally in order to cook asparagus cream soup. Because I need chicken stock, I guess it’s better for me to cook chicken soup on previous day. Not bad, I can shortened the preparation time. So let me pour the shoot.

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Your DIY Strawberry Syrup

blood tea

Blood Tea

In one random day, I opened my refrigerator and found so many strawberry fresh fruit. Those originally given by my mom for infused water. Luckyly, I and my husband are not so into infused water. Teee-heee. Besides, I was in the middle of idea and passion to create mocktail. I did research in internet, what kind of mocktail could I made from raw fruits in my refrigerator. Then I ended to this link. Strawberry syrup. Here I modified a lil bit and give you metric measurement in case you are confusing.
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Red Velvet Cake

Photo 31-01-14 14.31.19
After such a long time, finally i come back again for cake recipe. Actually it’s not the first time i baked red velvet. I did it again several months ago in cupcake edition. The recipe i found was so utterly different between each other. But I found this recipe is the best so I’m gonna pour it down  in this blog. I originally adopted from here. Due to US measurement, I will give you metric measurement so you’re not be bothered for doing conversion. It’ll come handy for you. I personally (finally!) using US measurement. Some of ingredients may not be commonly found in Indonesia, so I made the substitution alternative.

US Cup Measurement

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Accidentally Rossia


There’s many way to learn new language instead of study in class, course or formal book. When people said watching movies, playing games and listening to the music can improve your language, then my vote will fully go to this opinion. More fun then the formal one although the progress is not very good. Very suitable for you who don’t intend to learn a language seriously or in urgently needed. What I’m going to write is not English since it is too mainstream :p. It’s Russia.

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Boston Cream Pie

I actually got this recipe several months ago from my friend, Gandhi. He adapted the recipe in some points from Martha Stewart’s, Stephanie Jarowski’s, and John Mitzewich’s Boston Creampie Recipe. So here I adapted this recipe again using my own tradition also converted the unit from cup to gram. It will come handy to you all!

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Man in War and Gadget

In the middle of my boredom, I consciously writing this sheet of random thought just to purify and boost me. So here it goes!

Several month ago, I randomly thought about what name would I give if I have new gadget. Though the gadget itself isn’t available yet (tee-hee),  my mind just wanderlust. I like name after my gadget. Since when? Umm,, since.. Haha I don’t quite remember. Perhaps since I moved to Bandung. Just for trivia information, here is the name for my previous gadget:

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Ramadhan Culture in Indonesia and Middle East

Ramadhan scene, first 10 days in Ramadhan 1434 H. Ramadhan spirit still beneath us. I want to write about sort of my experience. Well, finally i have a chance to write this after I finish all my bustle and hustle, especially the thesis thingy. I’m so lazy to write by my tablet although I have installed WordPress in there. Before that, I don’t mean for arrogant or whatever, I just want to share my experience, maybe one of you interesting 🙂

Back to 3 years ago, Allah was so kind enough to give me and my family chance for Omra in last 10 days (not full 10 days actually) in Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. Before went to Saudi Arabia, I stayed in Dubai several days because my parents lived in there. I felt sort of different atmosphere between there, middle east and my hometown, Indonesia. For me the different was very significant. Shalat schedule different, which caused the different of adaptation, life style, and the religion atmosphere of course. Whether the different is positive or negative, it’s depend on your point of view. I just present and write what I think. For me, some of Ramadhan culture in middle east is reciprocally with what Islam told us to do worship regarding time.

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Aerospace and Me

My name is Zeneth, I am an environmental engineering. Although I don’t have any background of aerospace education, I do love reading and talking about military, plane, aircraft, or other aerospace technology. Started from my childhood, I was surounded by brother who loves aircraft very much. Due to my brother’s passion, my dad bought him so many books related about aerospace and aircraft. Having bookworm trait since I was kid, it teased me to open the books, read or just see the picture. I loved when I talked with my brother about aerospace and aircraft. I also love listened to him. Aircraft technology, history, bermuda triangle, and many more. If I’m not mistaken, my bro ever created an aircraft miniature from woods. I don’t know what kind of plane particularly. I remembered, when I was in elementary school and still lived in Lhokseumawe (one of small city in Sumatra land), my brother had a friend, 2 years older than him, Teguh. Teguh also loved aircraft and he taught him how to created fighter aircraft papercraft. He ended assembled many aircraft papercraft while I just created the easiest one, Su-27. Ehehehehe. Teguh also introduced my brother Angkasa magazine, an Indonesian magazine about aerospace.

Su-27 Aircraft model, though my creation of course not as complicated like this 😀

I realized or not, my Dad actually have a lil bit gamer trait. When He stayed in America about a month, he bought joystick from there. That Joystick including free games CD and that free games titled Sukhoi 27! 😀 From that game, I accidentally find Cyrillic alphabet (Russian Alphabet) from “help” and then I memorized it, until now. In Senior high school, he had schoolmate, TB and Aji which are my friends too. They also introduced him aircraft toy assembly. There are several product sold that toy like Academy. My brother only assembled fighter aircraft because he loves it very much while TB explore another toy assembly for Tank and Helicopter which I know more complicated and took time longer than aircraft toy assembly. And Aji taugh him how to color aircraft using enamel paint.

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