Slight of Unused English Vocabulary

Today I randomly stumble to my Tumblr message. I instantly flashback my memory back then. My gaming life to be specific. And then I read this message archive.


Back then, I was still into 40’s-60’s. I listened to 40’s-60’s music. I watched 40’s-60’s movies. I played video game with 40’s-60’s background. It all started when I tried to play Mafia II, just because I’m a fan of mafia world fiction (yes I’m a huge fan of Godfather!). The game play is totally exquisite. It was like you reading book or watching movie but you play the man as the first person. The game was the gate opener to 40’s-60’s life. Still curious, I played L.A Noire which is also have 40’s-60’s background.


One of many things why I love playing RPG game is I enrich music treasury. Obviously, There is so many ear-catching music in 40’s-60’s era. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin really hit my ears. I dig more, both of them are also superstar in cinema. They had their own big score and sometimes they played together under the group “Rat Pack”. Ocean eleven is the biggest Rat Pack’s movie.


Ocean Eleven ending scene

It made me familiar with bunch of vocabulary but astonishingly I didn’t found someone use that words nowadays. Several question came to my sense. Are they still relevance right now?

Some of words I still remember in 40’s-60’s are: cans, dame, broad, bum, mug. I asked my American Tumblr friend (also the one who recommended LA Noire!), August regarding to that. This is my conclusion based on his answer:

  • Cans (past) –> bars/jail (now) –> penjara (Indonesia)
  • Dame (past) –> lady (now) –> nyonya (Indonesia)
  • Broad (past) –> chick (now) –> cewek (Indonesia)
  • Bum/mug (past) –> people/lazy person (now) –> orang-orang (Indonesia)

The rest just like what my friend told. “Broad” and “dame are not common anymore, unusual to hear “bum” and “cans”. Time change. Words change.

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