A Little Word for My Tumblr Blog

Tumblr is a social blog I rarely open nowadays though I still have the app in my iPhone. Blogging and re-posting in Tumblr synchronously a scarce habit for me. But due to I’m being in One Day One Post for 99 days challenge, sometimes I blog in tumblr to meet quotas. My tumblr posting is more personal because I am to afraid to show who personally I am in public. Only limited number know my tumblr account nowadays.


Opening Tumblr is like a pandora and treasure box at the same time. You will find the posting you love. The posting you hate. Your posting is like a time machine and you are a time traveller. The memory will be reminisced. The story who has been fade away, appear in the surface  waiting for you to dive into it. Sometimes you will just laugh so hard to your silly action and thought in your past day.

Sometimes you find how different you are as a person in that day.

People changes. Memory still remain.

You notice how each one of your memory, good or bad has a remarkable place in your mind. Each story have their point of view and become a chapter to fill the page of your “life book”. There always something you can learn. And each of it always, always make you a better person through the day.




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