Academic Passion Process

Continue study abroad might be a dream by many of us. What’s your reason? What’s your purpose? What’s your goal? To elaborate the background of your dream perhaps need those kind of question. To strength your motivation. To encourage you. To reach your dream. What’s about mine?


I took Environmental Engineering as my major for my undergrad and grad degree. Doing Final project and thesis to accomplish bachelor and master title is an enormous effort. I’m not writing about degree nor tittle here since in my opinion it was just an appreciation which was given by institution in order to reward our contribution to advance science. What I’m going to write is about the process. In freshman, I decided to choose Environmental Engineering. I still have no idea since I was not accepted for Chemical Engineering. In sophomore, I learn basic engineering science and gradually felt I didn’t choose for wrong major. In Junior, there were many credit allocation for elective courses. It directly forced the individual to make a choice which specific field they wanted to focus. For me, I actually didn’t have a concrete choice whether I wanted to focus in waste, air, safety, toxicology, water supply or waste water treatment. Waste water courses seemed pretty interesting since it was potential if you want to work in oil & gas company. But I felt my heart was not in there so I prefer waste and water supply elective courses. In the end of Junior, I did internship in automotive company with waste and hazardous waste as topic. I was quite satisfied because so far what I choose in one field line. Moreover, I do like automotive since I was in junior high. Plus point. In Senior, It was the time to contribute, to manifest, to be responsible to what I learned so far in this institution. Finding final project topic could be the complicated one. You have to find suited for your passion so you are encouraged to complete it. Once it didn’t interest for you, you won’t have any passion to cling it. Searched for final project document, consulted to one lecture to another lecture, randomly I was trapped with my advisor (until grad) in air pollution topic. A little bit confusion at the first time since I wasn’t took any air elective course in junior. But I did modelling so it didn’t affect me at all.

My final project is my first interdisciplinary research. It mingled air pollution engineering with transportation engineering. Again, transportation issue is one issue which got my interest. That’s why I did always like consult with my co-advisor. Had something big to do not restrained me to read other thing. I actually read many interested paper about fluid mechanic, aviation air pollution, artificial intelligence, fuel optimization, etc. Reading something new always gave the inspiration.

In the midst of my final project journey, I found that fluid dynamic got my eye. I propose CFD (Computational Fluid dynamic) to my advisor but I found she rejected that. “Indonesia had incomplete data, it’s hard to execute it. You will just waste the time.” She said. Instead, she suggested me to continue one of my senior thesis project. Artificial Neural Network application to predict one air pollution parameter. Tropospheric Ozone Concentration Prediction Modelling in Jakarta Urban Area Ambient Air Quality Using Artificial Neural Network Method (Using Feed Forward Back-propagation Algorithm) was my thesis tittle. This was my second interdisciplinary work.

During my master degree, I randomly compile and reorganize my internship report. It resulted another paper in international conference, APLAS (Asian Pacific and Landfill Symposium). My work was about automobile hazardous waste. This is my first work in waste field.

After I graduated my master degree, I worked as research assistant in Civil and Environment Bogor Agricultural University. My boss and colleagues apparently were agricultural background. Some of them also expert in programming. I was so glad and be grateful that I was given a huge opportunity to learn many new things from different background expert and they were so pleased to teach me. Thanks a lot I would say. And Thanks a lot especially to my boss, the frontman who gave me extraordinary chance like this. Honestly, I felt guilty to all of them because it was I didn’t feel anything to give feedback to department.

Now, Is continuing study abroad still urge me? I might say yes. But in conditional since now I have a husband and an adorable handsome baby. Tee-hee. Yes, maybe someday, some place, some chance. Still completely mystery.

Environmental Science & Engineering in Caltech please, Dear Allah 😀



2 thoughts on “Academic Passion Process

  1. Kereeen! Ternyata saya enggak sendirian punya pikirina begini.
    Semangat Kakak.
    Potensi Kakak jauh lebih oke daripada saya lhooo.

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