Man in War and Gadget

In the middle of my boredom, I consciously writing this sheet of random thought just to purify and boost me. So here it goes!

Several month ago, I randomly thought about what name would I give if I have new gadget. Though the gadget itself isn’t available yet (tee-hee),  my mind just wanderlust. I like name after my gadget. Since when? Umm,, since.. Haha I don’t quite remember. Perhaps since I moved to Bandung. Just for trivia information, here is the name for my previous gadget:

  • Rommel, my Laptop. Taken from General Erwin Rommel, The Desert Fox. The mighty NAZI General of Tank troops in Africa. The man who adored by many people even got the compliment in front of the public by Allied.

    General Erwin Rommel

  • Kaiser, my PC. Kaiser is Emperor in Deutsch. He is black, superior, versatile, reliable, storable. So I just named after it.
  • Diego, my DSLR Camera. This name just came out from my mind suddenly several minutes after I had this. D90 –> Dgo –> Diego. Ehehehe..
  • Sherlock, my tablet. Everybody’s know, Sherlock is taken from Sherlock Holmes, the fiction legendary sleuth written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Arrogant, brilliant, intellect, brainy, versatile, mysterious and annoying in other hand. Who couldn’t love him, anyway? since my tablet help me too much for recording and noting, he is deserved to bear the name of Sherlock.

    Sherlock, starring by Robert Downey, Jr.

  • Dalek, my iPhone. Dalek is one of nemesis in Doctor Who, a famous science fiction serial and the longest airtime. 50 years, can you imagine??! A cyborg, living organism coated by Dalekanium metal. Superior, intelligent above average. My iPhone even had Dalek voice for text alerted. Also had screensaver Dalek to victory poster.

Several next-buy gadget has on list. So about the name? So I thought it would be the name of General in war. Yeah, especially World War I and World War II. I wanted Bismarck as the name. But I just wanna keep it though, and save later. Bismarck, taken from Otto von Bismarck, The First Chancellor of German Empire (also known as The Second Reich). Decades later, his name was named after the largest battleships ever built in Germany even two of the largest built by any European power together with his sister, Tirpitz. Bismarck also sunk the pride of Royal Navi, HMS Hood. Unfortunately, in battle of Denmark strait, North Atlantic, Bismarck got sunk by british after his tough of steel. How pain this heart, General! So, am I reasonable enough to save this name after something very very valuable?

Bismarck, the largest battleship

So, back to the topic. In order to get inspiration, I threw up in twitter, asked who are the proper Generals. The cool one, intelligent, tactical, subtle and cold hand. Then Hanif came up with the name Karl Doenitz. An excellent name. He was a U-boat commander, Großadmiral also President of Germany.

I summarized all the name inside my head also the name was given by Hanif. Here it is:

  1. Richtofen, taken from Manfred von Richtofen. Widely known as Red Baron. German fighter pilot with the LuftstreitkräfteHe was one of the best ace in World War 1 and credited with 80 air combat victories. Richthofen served briefly in the trenches before transferring to the German Air Force in May 1915.  The star pupil of Oswald Boelcke, Richthofen learnt quickly and achieved immediate success.  He took his first solo flight after only 24 hours of flight training, on 10 October 1915.  A month after receiving his first Albatros, Richthofen had scored six ‘kills’ against Allied aircraft. I first barely known his name when I was in Junior High School and read from my bro’s Angkasa Magazine. That’s why until know Richtofen name still linger in my mind.
  2. Karl Doenitz, was a German Naval Commander during World War II. He was taken as prisoner while he commanded UB-68 and was sunk by British Force in World War I. When in prison, Doenitz developed one of famous war tactic, called Ruddeltaktik. This tactic controlled U-boat movement under Commander of Submarines (Befelshaber der Unterseeboote).  U-boats usually patrolled separately, often strung out in co-ordinated lines across likely convoy routes (usually merchants and small vulnerable destroyers), only being ordered to congregate after one located a convoy and alerted the BdU, so a Rudel consisted of as many U-boats as could reach the scene of the attack. This caused serious threat to Allied shipping. In the final days of war, Hitler named Doenitz his successor as Sttadtsoberhaupt (Head of State), with the titles of President.
  3. Joachim von Ribbentrop, first made up himself as well known businessman with more understanding of the ouside world than most senior nazis. Becoming a close confidant to Hitler and considering his experience, Hitler assigned him as Reich Minister of Foreign Affair.
  4. Heinrich Himmler, was Reichsfuhrer of SS (Schutzstaffel), the mighty head of Gestapo and Waffen-SS. Once was assigned as Hitler personal bodyguard and finally assigned as Nazi interior of Minister. He was an extraordinary organizer and administrator, meticulous, calculating and efficient. Himmler’s astonishing capacity for work and irrepressible power-lust showed itself in his accumulation of official posts and his perfecting of the methods of organized State terrorism against political and other opponents of the regime.
  5. Joseph Goebbels, Master propagandist of the Nazi regime and dictator of its cultural life for twelve years. He was assigned as Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany. He finished his PhD degree in Heidelberg University in literature. He also wrote novels and plays which were rejected by publisher. I believe that his literature background was his gift to become master propagandist.

NAZI has great number of excellent general and minister. Well, apart from their humanity sin. All the name was came from Nazi. I believe you all know what is my history sect in world war two :))

Anyone have other good name for my gadget?


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