Aerospace and Me

My name is Zeneth, I am an environmental engineering. Although I don’t have any background of aerospace education, I do love reading and talking about military, plane, aircraft, or other aerospace technology. Started from my childhood, I was surounded by brother who loves aircraft very much. Due to my brother’s passion, my dad bought him so many books related about aerospace and aircraft. Having bookworm trait since I was kid, it teased me to open the books, read or just see the picture. I loved when I talked with my brother about aerospace and aircraft. I also love listened to him. Aircraft technology, history, bermuda triangle, and many more. If I’m not mistaken, my bro ever created an aircraft miniature from woods. I don’t know what kind of plane particularly. I remembered, when I was in elementary school and still lived in Lhokseumawe (one of small city in Sumatra land), my brother had a friend, 2 years older than him, Teguh. Teguh also loved aircraft and he taught him how to created fighter aircraft papercraft. He ended assembled many aircraft papercraft while I just created the easiest one, Su-27. Ehehehehe. Teguh also introduced my brother Angkasa magazine, an Indonesian magazine about aerospace.

Su-27 Aircraft model, though my creation of course not as complicated like this 😀

I realized or not, my Dad actually have a lil bit gamer trait. When He stayed in America about a month, he bought joystick from there. That Joystick including free games CD and that free games titled Sukhoi 27! 😀 From that game, I accidentally find Cyrillic alphabet (Russian Alphabet) from “help” and then I memorized it, until now. In Senior high school, he had schoolmate, TB and Aji which are my friends too. They also introduced him aircraft toy assembly. There are several product sold that toy like Academy. My brother only assembled fighter aircraft because he loves it very much while TB explore another toy assembly for Tank and Helicopter which I know more complicated and took time longer than aircraft toy assembly. And Aji taugh him how to color aircraft using enamel paint.

Su-37 Berkut, my fav my bro’s toy assembly

TB and aji is addicted to military thing. TB introduced and lent me books of war history. My favourite is about war world Aji have his own airsoft team, wrote his own mini fanfic about military using english and now he is one of Angkasa magazine contributor. My brother like to be seated near aircraft’s propulsion. Always observe when the plane take off or landing. He could identify airplane just by its wing or sound of propulsion. I always amzed to him about his ability. In Winter, 2009, I was so lucky could have opportunity to visit NASA, Johnson Space Center in Galvastone, Texas. This is astronaut space center and station where Neil Armstrong reported his moon landed. When I transited in Demodedovo Airport, Moscow, it was the first time for me saw Russian Aircraft like Antonov and Ilyushin used as civil aviation plane and not Airbus or Boeing. Most of Russian airlines like Aeroflot use those fleets. In last quarter 2010, I remembered my dad said, “you are luckily enough have a board in newest Airbus A380 while most of your friends haven’t boarded with this”. Well,  I just simply said Alhamdulillah and be grateful for all those opportunity.

Shuttle in NASA Johnson Space Center, Texas

Aji and TB many times asked me and my brother to visit Indodefence  (international military exhibit held in the heart of Jakarta) since we were in Senior high school until the latest one. But none of them I could make it. Why? I don’t know why too :|. In 2010 i failed to attend one of prestigious aviation exhibit, Bandung Airshow because of, yeah sort of stupid reason. If I wasn’t wrong, Bandung Airshow 2010 held in Friday-Sunday. In Friday TB asked me whether I wanna join with him went there, but I refused cause I have another appointment. Another appointment in saturday. In sunday, Andra asked me to go there togother and took a photograph. I was excited. This show held in Husein Sastranegera Airport which is so close from my home. Hence, I don’t take any shit to calculate how I will get there. But I miscalculate, there was very bad traffic congestion around so I stuck and couldn’t attend even until the closing ceremony. How dissapointed I am, how I feel guilty to Andra for my broken promise, and how sad I am this mean I lose one of opportunity having shot Aircraft in static or maneuver, or also being witnessed live for that such fighter aircraft and helicopter. I missed Bandung Airshow 2012, too. In the end of 2010, I found a friend. He is an aeronautic engineering. I remembered first question I asked to him about aerospace, “Do you know Sukhoi 37 Berkut? It is my favorite  But I am very curious about its unusual wing form. It has like reverse wing form than the other. Could you explain me what the effect of that unusual wing form?”. “Wing form related to stability, due to its wing form, than that aircraft have ability to have maneuver perhaps the maneuver while another aircraft can’t conduct.” He answered. From him too, I know what is the particular wing which always my brother saw outside the window in every his flight. It’s name flapping wing, maximize the lift force during takeoff and ……. force (sorry i forget the force name :p) during landing. And, my brother also explained the air brake and its position during landing will maximize drag force because brake just using land brake is not enough. Pram is quite expertise in aerodynamic, flapping wing and optimization :). Yesterday, when I went back to my sanctuary room (errr,, I mean Air Quality Lab located in 5th flood Labtek IXC building ^^) after having lunch and I found its locked. Because of that, I go to department library just for hanging around and reading. At first time I want to take a book about fluid mechanic in one of exclusive shelf in library. But I stuck in one shelf and my eyes stoned in Angkasa magazine near Mrs. Sri, a librarian. I took and read it enormously because i just missed very much not reading that magazine after very long long time. October 2012, the date of magazine. Maybe it’s to late because now is March 2013. But I guess it won’t be too late for me to get to know the latest info of sort of aircraft technology and national air force info. Not long afterwards, Mrs. Sri come near to me and asked, “Zeneth, what kind of thing you read?” “Ahh,, nothing, just this magazine”, I answered with a glance. “I bought this because my son in one of this page. Yes, he is an Indonesian air force and just recently back from Brazil”, Suprised, I never realized this before. Mrs. Sri told me that Indonesia had already bought 4 new turboprop fighter, Super Tucano to replaced the old one OV10 Bronco. Well,His son along with 11 Indonesian air force sent to Brazil for training since Super Tucano is a new aircraft in Indonesian air force. Suddenly I remembered, that one of my grandmom’s brother from my father, is an airforce too and had ever fly Hercules, as a pilot. I know that fact after several years he passed away. Super Tucano’s shark teeth painting in its muzzle remind me to P51 Mustang, World War II fighter. And I realized again, before I know about Super Tucano, TB had created the T-Shirt design in his own Brand, MI Gear, you can check here if you are interested to buy! :D.

Super Tucano

P51 Mustang

Bonus, another my fav world war II aircraft, Spitfire

Another, I read an article about supermaneuverability, it can conduct special maneuver like Cobra Purgachev, a dramatic and demanding manoeuvre in which a plane flying at a moderate speed suddenly raises the nose momentarily to the vertical position and slightly beyond, before dropping it back to normal flight (I copy this from Wikipedia, too lazy to translate in English :p). This kind of maneuver only valid designed in several fighter aircraft like MiG 29 and MiG 35;  Su-27 and Su-30 MKI; and F22 Raptor.

Cobra Purgachev Maneuver

Maybe what I know recently just a very basic for aerospace people, but knowing more or talking about this again would be a privillege for me. Thanks for my bro, TB, Aji, and my other friend for your influence. 🙂


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