Quantum Leap: Something We Can Learn

Quantum Leap is a famous serial TV in 1989 until 1003, created by Donald Belissario. Starred by Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett and Dean Stockwell as Al Calavicci. The base d line of this story is Scott, a scientist who held 6 Doctoral Degree from MIT did an experiment named Quantum Leap. Quantum Leap is about travel time, travel to the past in a soul moving to other’s body. The basic principle of each leap was “put things right once went wrong”. Al is Sam’s best friend who act as his wingman, formed as hollogram while Sam leaped. Also, There is Ziggy, the super computer which controlled to what year or what body Sam was going to leap.

Along with previous information, basically for me this serial is like “being a God” because it changed the past. Here what I can conclude:

  1. Sam was like an angel or God who changed the past
  2. What Ziggy said always right
  3. Ziggy knows what happened in the future for the past
  4. Since Ziggy always right, Al always agreed in Ziggy’s side and objected whatever Sam did and conflicted with Ziggy statistical prediction.

You must be agree with me how “God” is that. But then after I follow this serial until season 3, I get something particular and I guess we can learn from that. This serial is not act like a God.

  1. Whatever Ziggy’s said about future always in percentage and almost never reach 100% confident
  2. Ziggy ever gave false prediction. Totally false
  3. It was often to Al couldn’t reached Ziggy’s prediction due to the broken of the remote or anything else.
  4. Sam could change what Ziggy’s said impossible for future change based on his own right guts
  5. Sam or even Al asked Sam to change something, he still couldn’t changed what “it wasn’t meant to be”

Sophisticated, eh? Not “God” totally. Several things we can learn. Something can based on real life.

  1. God is not Ziggy, he always could give you 100% confident prediction about your future. And whatever it is, it always the best for your future even it is looked so misery in your present. So keep your faith and religion to the fullest
  2. Don’t ever worry about your present and future life. If it isn’t meant to be, no matter how struggle for that, it will never happen to you. But keep relax and fully faith. If it is meant to be, then no matter it seems so IMPOSSIBLE to happen, it will happen to you. In other words, fate. Yah,, for example about job and.. future husband/wife 🙂 Also, keep your possitive thinking and always pray to God that may He give us the possitive feeling about possitive thing about to happen in future. In my religion, Islam, you can do Istikharah Shalat 🙂

Pretty interesting, indeed. Anyway, don’t make your head confused like pile of straw plugged in your head. Just go ahead watch that serial if you’re looking for good serial. Believe me, although this is kind of old style, it is very interesting to watch 😀


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