Book Criminal

One day, randomly I asked my 9th grade cousin if she have borrowed books from her junior high school library. She said, she didn’t. It led me to memory when I borrowed book first time from school library. 6th grade. 2001. Because of Bahasa Indonesia subject, i feel little curious about Indonesian literature. So here I am, borrowed Si Jamin dan Johan (Jamin and Johan), authored by Merari Siregar and first published in 1921. I choosed that book because it has 2 little children covers, so I guessed, the story had to be suitable for kid in my age that time. Obviously, this book is sad. Very. But good point, it burned me to read more, more book. So let’s moved to Junior High School era.

Actually, my elementary and junior high school is in one foundation. PB Sudirman. In one area, there are playground until vocational school. Plus Mosque of course. So, beside school library, it has foundation library too. I’d like to go there several times because the book were more general. More various. I mean, in school library, mostly is lesson book. Boring. Hahaha. So this all was start my first action of book criminal. What is book criminal? You’ll find the answer in the end of this writing, or you can conclude yourself what does it mean.

Veil by Bob Woodward

Veil, The Secret Wars of CIA

This is the first book I was acquaintaned with Bob Woodward. The most awesome US politic scandal investigator. I don’t remember what was led me to choose this book to bring back home. Ah, I remember. That year, I addicted to a serial tv show. FBI Files. Undirectly, I know about some of federal and national bureau in United States.

Well, Veil is told us about secret wars initiated by CIA. US local agency is love to use code name for their operation. VEIL is a codename for one of CIA operation. In brief, CIA helped local nicaragua syndicate, Sandinista. CIA helped them to supply their weaponry. The goal of CIA is fall of Fidal Castro (CMIIW). This maneuver affected US foreign policy.

This book has one and half size rather than ordinary book. 9 pt font size and single space. Can you imagine? That’s why I called this book is one way to get sleep if you couldn’t. Therefore, I rate this book 4/5. Fyi, after I read this book, I remember about 10 or more US agency, completed with their tasks. I wanted more and more read Woodward’s books. I didn’t found his book in any book shop in Indonesia. Including Times and Kinokuniya. That’s why, when my dad went to America, I board him out to buy me one of Woordward’s book. So this is The Secret Man, one of my another Woodward’s books.

It’s been about 9 years after the time I should return that back again to library.

Perang Eropa 1 (Europe War 1), by P.K Ojong

War of Europe, Events before D-Day

It’s not suprised if I choose to read this book. I am came from “history-lover” family. Well, exclude my mom. Between me, my brother and my dad, I’m the lowest level.  Haha. I borrowed this in my senior high  school library.

Perang Eropa (War of Europe), authored by P.K Ojong. Told us about several events and war before D-Day. Between Allies and axis in World War I and II. I’m a huge fan of Nazi. Of course this book is important to read for me. I love war story.

This book consists of several chapter. Chronologically arrangement. Detail enough for war book standard. This is is edition I. There are edition II and III. I really enjoyed reading this book. BUT, Everytime i searched this book in my room, I was hardly to find it. Evidently, it was in my brother’s room. Well,  He read it too, and more often than me. After I finished read it, that book was in his room forever. He’d like to read again and again. Because of that, I feel so lazy to return it back. Because it a must for every student to return all the book in library if they wanted to step greater grade. I returned after 6 months.

Yes, I returned it properly after 6 months returnback time. I was fined with huge total of money and book covers.

Some Karl  May series

Black Mustang

Rodriganda Castle

Aztec Temple

I was introduced to Karl May when I was hanging around in Gramedia Book Store. I saw book titled Winnetou. There is no resume behind that book, only several quote inside that book. And literally, it didn’t tell me what is that book about. But I just feel some “chemistry”, and with no longer thought, I brought that book to cashier. My guessed never wrong. i love Winnetou. An adventure story in wild west, between an Europe newcomer and Indian tribe. For the sake of my life, this is my first book which never bored me. I felt high tensed from beginning until it was ended. I Love Karl May, too. He told us about Wild West, very detail, but he never comes to Wild West (American Prairie). At that time I collected all Winnetou series (I – IV).

One day, My senior high school friend, Aji, looked at me when I read Winnetou in school. Then we talk and he told me that his father is a huge fan of Karl May. Either he is. He wanted to lend me some of his Dad’s book, a Karl May book, another variant of wild west book, but with same main character. Can you imagine how happy I was at that time. He gave me 3 series Black Mustang, Rodriganda Castle and Aztec Temple. Each series consists of 2-3 books. My Winnetou books is published by Primatama. His dad’s book was published by Pradnya Paramitha, and old publisher, they published Karl May series before Primata did. That books is antique, then.

I read those book very fast. 7-8 books in my home, but i return to him sequencely. I promised him to return in two times. I returned it properly, half from those book in first time. But, unfortunately, Seems like he forgot that he lend me his books. And I was a forgetful people too. Here I am, still kept half of his loan books in my book case.

This happened almost 6.5 hours ago.
Godfather by Mario Puzo

“I’ll make an offer you can’t refuse”

Actually, I watched the film before I read the book. A Godfather trilogy. Starred by the handsome Al Capone. Story about American Mafia life with their various intrigue. I watched the first series from VCD and directly fell in love. Godfather in 2nd rank in IMDb Top 250.

The Godfather, was authored by Mario Puzo, and Italian American Writer, master of Mafia story. Although I watched the movies first, I didn’t lose interest to read the novel. So I borrow this from my classmate in college, sophomore (2nd year), Iqbal. Tell me geek, but I read this book several times when I was in college. Although it had same story at the first time. I didn’t lose any tense at all. Very impressive. Mario Puzo was doing astonish writing. After I finished read this book, I keep this in my bookcase. As usual, Iqbal never asked me to return it, and I am a forgetful person. 2 weeks later, I we meet again in my environmental engineering batch (Savakra). I told him about his book. I was suprised that this is his favourite book and he was looking for it. So I promise him to return back before he leaves to Melbourne.

This book belong my bookcase after 3 years.

(BONUS!!) Winnetou I VCD

The Only One WInnetou Movie

Like I said, this is not book. This is movie, so I tell you this is as bonus :D. I borrowed this movie from my senior in senior high School, Teddy when I was in first year. I really forgot, how did I know that he is a Karl May fan, just like me. And then he told me that he had the movie. Without any longer thought, I directly asked him to lend me. He agreed.

It was filmed in 1963. Wow, even my mom hadn’t born yet. This is rare and old movie. But now I think it is available in this site. Great enough movie for movie at that time. Very Old school. Have almost same story line if it is compared to the book. I’m not so dissapointed, though.

Last year, my college batch conducted study trip Kalimantan. When we did excursion to PT. Vico, I was so suprised that I saw Teddy. Yes, he worked there. After the program finished and we were prepared to get back to motel, he was up to me. Talking like we were came from same senior high school. I told him about his VCD. Same like Iqbal, he suprised a lot too. He said that after he finished study in Bandung, Then prepared to moved, he were looking for his favourite VCD. He confused because he didn’t remember that he lend me. Yes, I didn’t return back another my friend’s favourite things. I want to return it back so bad. But I don’t know how.

The VCD is still being with me 4 years until now. 3 years after he asked me.


So, we get back again. I guess everyone of you have known clearly what is Book Criminal. Yes, it is my behaviour not to return things properly and on time, not intentional, but I’m to forgetful. Wish after you read this, you all never mind if I borrow your books. I promise, I promise to return it on time, Insya Allah. But don’t forget to remind me. Hehe.

Cheers! 😀


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