Converting Writing

Finally! I can release the writing desire after hold on until I finish that thing.

Well, you can say I’m a just-discourse dream, or just-discourse people who always talk and talk about doing something with writing. Yes, become a writer is one of my part dream. Just for having fun. Or just perpetuate my mind in writing form. Or just incised the memory.

My target is write both as academically and for mass media. I want to touch reader with easy understanding and have strong science approval basic in both ways. So this is several writing converting that I have done and will do in the future:

  1. Final project  into scientific paper
  2. Final project into poster
  3. Internship report into paper
  4. Final project into public reading
  5. Project report into public reading

Of course point 1&2 is very familiar to whoever read this blog. Those are very basical and a compulsory step if you want to get your bachelor degree. I did point 1 & point 2 for my seminar, and will be do this again for my thesis next year (amin). Instead of poster for seminar, I create another poster with different content but taken from same final project when I did poster presentation in ICSS 2012 in Bali.

Point 3 is something I have done already in several days ago. I write that for oral presentation in APLAS 2012 in Bali too. I thought doing this is look alike if I adapt from final project. I’m wrong. There’s a several difficulty, like I have to determine which issue and topic that I will bring. I also have to make almost definitely different structure from the report to create chronologic way of thinking. Because internship report related to what company I talk about, so I had to arrange so it doesn’t like I criticize about that company. Besides, scientific literature should be added and review to instead of analyzed it with Government Regulations. Interesting. But Challange accepted!

And then, point 4. My Final project is about a sensitive issue that will bring public interest. Yes, it is about Dago Car Free Day. From my research, I hope public will understand how Dago Car Free Day affect local air quality and the fact that actually it doesn’t solve air quality problem. I don’t know how difficulties I will through, but again, the challenge has been added to my list, though :D.

The last point, point 5, is another sensitive issue, about water crises in Bandung Metropolitan. The fact, the data, the solution, the problem. I hope if I have finished that writing, Bandung public will be more aware about water crises and the trouble will they face if they just ignore. Not been done any. Besides the report I create, I want to crosscheck too with Sustainable Groundwater in Asia document, published by IGES (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies). I got this document from my acquintance, Keishiro Hara-san who is an IGES former researcher in 2006. Bandung Metropolitan chapter in this document originally was written by our government services people.

Last but not least, I wish, no I mean I have to finished the remaining list! 😀


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