Journey Around The World

Jakarta (CGK) – Singapore (SIN) – Moskow (DMV) – Houston (IAH) – Los Angeles (LAX) – Tokyo (NRT) – Singapore (SIN) – Jakarta (CGK)

Changi International Airport (SIN)

Demodedovo International Airport (DMV)

George Bush International Airport (IAH)

Tom Bradley Airport (LAX)

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Narita International Airport (NRT)

Soekarno Hatta International Airport (CGK)

I don’t know, this is the most my favourite journey. In early 2009. Why?

  • The Journey is around the world! Actually my main destination is Houston. The flight track through Moscow at the time is relatively new for SQ. Then, my father so wisely changing the flight back track. Through LA, which were the old track
  • The Furthest Journey. I don’t know how miles exactly, because my KrisFlyer member has been expired 😦
  • The Longest Time Journey. It needed 4 transits and 1 stay. 1.5 hours to Singapore, 4 hours transited in Changi, 13 hours to Moscow, 1 hour transited in Demodedovo and 11 hours to Houston. 30.5 hours for total. For flight back if I ignore 4 days stayed in LA, 5 hours to LA, 9 hours to Tokyo, 1 hour transited at Narita, 7 hours to Singapore, 3 hours transited in Changi and finally 1.5 hours to Jakarta! Total 24.5 hours. So tired yet exciting!

Welcome to Lone Star State, Texas!

  • More Airport. 4 new airport is added to my sightseeing. I can see various airport style. Soekarno Hatta with uniquely airport concept, Changi for the busiest airport although in the middle of the night, Demodedovo which I saw like a mall, George Bush Int’l is a simple yet tidy airport and my brother is called also asked by the officer -___-, LA which separate its airport into domestic flight special (Tom Bradley Airport) and international airport (LA Int’l), and Narita is confusing airport because the officer can’t talk English. Hehe.
  • The longest Jet Lag. Ugh, I have tolerate 11 hours and used to it for 2 weeks. Sleeping all day long for 2 first days. I used to online YM at the day, but it’s the middle of the night in Indonesia. Forever alone~ haha. Further, I feel 13 hours jetlag too in LA.
  • The first Winter and snow in my life. Well, how could I get more exciting when I first see snow fall reversed by airplane cabin glass, how i feel cold frozen when DMV officer opened the door which connected the waiting room and outside, how windy winter Houston is, how wet winter LA is, how happy I was when touched snow first time at Snow Valley. Cannot speak more.

Snow Valey, Brrr..

  • More continent, more place, more site. First time i step in America continent, and Europe (if i count the transit). Historical site like museum, Tower of America and Alamo fortress, natural site like cavern and snow valley, Educational site like NASA Johnson Space Center and Univ. of Texas (well, I didn’t know what my dad’s goal is), entertainment site like Disneyland and Universal Studio, also, city sightseeing.

Tower of America, a history tower

Alamo, remember Davy Crocket?

Natural Bridge Cavern

Jet Propulsion and Johson Space Center, NASA

Just another corner in Disneyland

Lighting in the head gate of Universal Studio

San Antonio from the Top

Minute Maid, Astros Baseball Stadium

  • Another daily life. Why do I say daily life? because I didn’t feel like I was in holiday. I was cooking, ironing, cleaning house or acompanying my mom to department store like Walmart and H.E.B, factory outlet. Daily life. And driving to another Indonesia neighbour. Anyway, this is interesting. First time to feel drive in left steer. Of course just inside the housing, I just have Indonesia driving license.
  • First time felt abroad domestic flight. Haha, my brother so glad to coment about this -__-“. Using Continental Airlines, andddddddd, first time to see STEWARDESS! Just wow 😮
  • Another super car. Well, perhaps this is not important, but I love so much about automotive, new super car. Aaaakk,, first time to see Corvette!


Well, perhaps above is just several from so many factors why I love that journey. Another interested things, My uncle who took us me and my brother from Bandung to Jakarta very panicked about us. He asked us if our dad give us some money and we said we didn’t. He directly gave us several dollars (he already prepared this!) with the reason that we wouldn’t return back to Indonesia when the airport officer caught us without any money, and he forced us to remeber our parents address out of the brain. And, my mom told us to prepare or baggage about 1 weeks before departure, but we prepared at the D-day (true story!).

I love to daydreaming, I love to remember happy thing, I like to stare at memorabilia, that’s why I write this writing.

At the end of this, I wish I can do another interesting and long journey, of course with my own capability, and for bonus, with my husband :’)

Bandung, 11:14, June 30th 2012, 11 Ramadhan 1433 H


4 thoughts on “Journey Around The World

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    • Benarkah? seingat saya benar itu Changi, karena kalo ga salah lorong Narita yang saya lewati sedikit beda dari itu, lebih mirip bandara Dubai (DXB). Terima kasih ya koreksinya :). Sebenarnya itu pertama kali ke Texas. Saya suka Houston karena mirip pradang Prairie, I’m a wild west and Winnetou fans :D. San Antonio juga, karena tata kotanya rapi bersih dan cita rasa eropa.

      Anyway, do you understand me? From your comment I guess you’re not Indonesian. But I really appreciate you to speak in Bahasa 🙂

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